Building Systems, Inc.

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Building Systems, Inc. Company Directory
General Contractor
                  7335 Old Perry Highway
                     Erie, PA     16509
                  (814) 864-4851
                  (814) 864-3618 Fax

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Tim Schaaf
Dan Schaaf
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Pam Allshouse
Lance Blakeslee
Karen Bollard
Ryan Briggs
Micah Chernicky
Ben Davis
Cory Donahue
Byron Drury
Matt Evans
Karen Fields
Joe Fournier
Greg Francis
Jerry Freeman
Debbie Hodinko
Matt Hodinko
Keith Hodinko
Sean Hodinko
Todd Hodinko
Mark Lingenfelter
Jeff McArdle
Russ McIntyre
Gordon McMichaeal
Kim Mitchell
Randy Nelson
Ryan Nuhfer
Cory Purves
Brian Rogers
Matthew Rose
John Rotko
Travis Schaaf
Rob Smith
Nanette Spaeder
Kevin Sult
Mike Szelinski
Mary Jane Toddy
Dennis Wade

Team BSI

Commercial Management Solutions, Inc.
8 Bloomfield Parkway, Suite 1
Erie, PA 16509
Phone: (814) 864-3724
Fax: (814) 864-3618

Direct Design Services, Inc.
8 Bloomfield Parkway, Suite 2
Erie, PA     16509
(814) 866-5157